The Bushi-Katagi Dojo Crest

The Bushi-Katagi Dojo crest is derived from all of the basic elements that make up our style of martial art. Nothing exist in a void, everything comes from something before, and so it is with Shotokan Karate.

The Tomoe … a representation of mind, body and spirit, is an emblem from the place where all modern Karate originated from … Okinawa.

The Red Circle … represents the birthplace where Shotokan Karate was conceived and from which it spread throughout the world … Japan

The Gray Circle … represents the knowledge and beliefs handed down and taught to us by all of those who came before us the … Old Meijins.


We invite anyone contemplating the martial arts for exercise, health, self-improvement or self-defensto look into our One Week Free offer.

Our traditional Karate does not require you to have special physical abilities and we do not train in techniques that a normal person with sound body and mind would not be able to do. Age is not a restriction, we welcome everyone from age 7 on 107.

The One Week Free offer is without any obligations. Simply contact The Dojo and let us know when you would like to begin training. Once your free week of training is up, you can register (no fee required) or if you find our Dojo does not fit your needs, you owe us nothing.

The One Week Free offer is also available on site for corporations and companies looking for ways to improve employees health, confidence, moral and productivity.

Seek Perfection of Character
Be Faithful
Respect Others
Refrain From Violent Behavior

Gichin Funakoshi Sensei

A Traditional Japanese and Okinawan Martial Arts Center
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