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Dojo: Dojo literally means 'the way' (Do) 'of the place' (Jo). The place where you learn the way, the way of not only physical Karate but of inner-self Karate. This 'place' does not have to be a physical place (a building, a park, a room) …this place is in your heart. Where ever you are, where ever you want to train, where ever you want to do your Karate …that is your Dojo.

Black Belt Training

The ASDKA Hatfield, PA, Shuto Karate Club hosted a Black Belt Training on Sunday, March 23, 2014.  Trotta Sensei provided traditional Karate training while Flournoy Sensei provided a sampling from his 50 years training in the martial arts.

The training was attended by members of the Bushi-Katagi Dojo, the Shuto Karate Club and the Martial Arts Academy Way of the Tiger. Training was intense but we all had a good experience and a great time. The training environment was beautiful and we wish Trotta Sensei the very best in his new Dojo.

Karatekas warming-up to start training.

Karatekas working on their Kata.

Karatekas working on dachi and geri waza.